Update Week 23

Week 23; 05-06-2017 – 11-06-2017

This week was the new city of Menaphos released. I’ve been exploring this content for a little bit and did some afk fishing. You need to earn reputation to earn unlocks for every region.
This is the fish i caught before i got bored from fishing. I might start checking out the new slayer content this weekend and post some pics of that. For now i will return to thieving and try to get some fragments for the new skill equipment that’s been released with Menaphos.
My thieving tab at the moment:
Thieving Tab 06-06-2017
(i sold some rescources once)
I’ve been busy working on my achievement log and setting all things up. Mean while, i’ve been thieving and pvming. Got a crest of zaros drop while killing Vindicta with my brother. Think i got +14m from that trip in total. (Forgot to SS the loot, lol)
On wednesday, i haven’t been playing much. Did a full raid tho, no special loot.
I’m still thieving, probably gonna stick with it untill i have the outfit.
6.5k/54k Fragments for the camouflage outfit.

Thieving log 08-06-2017




Helwyr Reaper Task









Drop from 1 hour duo Vindicta, bought myself a Noxious staff after that. Finally have my Noxious set, t90 magic equipment is up next.



Attack 103






I was hoping to do alot of PvM this weekend, but the weather was so nice and i’ve spent the most of my weekend outside, so no RuneScape. Did a few Vindicta trips but no luck.
HP 107
Hope to have some more PvM action next week 🙂

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