Update Week 24

Week 24; 12-06-2017 – 18-06-2017

Hi guys,
Welcome to a new weekly update of my RuneScape adventures, thanks for reading !
This week been all about PvM, still trying to make some gold and get my gear setup done.
I’ve also been trying the new Slayer Codex, i am really excited about the idea of having a personal dungeon with beasts to slay. It’s going to take a while collecting all the monsters.
slayer codex
Siphon from my level 12 scythe;
Invention 110
At the end of the day i did a full raid, got my first Codex drop! It was around 12m.
I didn’t play much during the week, did a few Helwyr and Vindicta trips.
Got no luck until i got 1000 KC, few kills after that i finally got some loot.
Meanwhile AFK thieving…
Going slow this week, didn’t train much.
Weekend started, and a lot of PvM came with it!
After a few trips Vindicta
20m att
Stacking up that gold. Getting close to my next set of gear.
def 103
Defence 103 while PvMing
And another nice drop on the same day 🙂
lance 2
Did a full raid again, still need a yak to survive but i feel like it’s going way better every raid.
I’ve been working on my Codex on Sunday, did a few slayer tasks too to get some points. Need those to collect the souls for my Codex.
slayer 102
Slayer 102
Next week i am going to slayer much more, work my way to thieving 120 and check out the new Menaphos event that’s going to happen. Always in for some free stuff. Lol
Thanks for reading! Feel free to leave a comment.
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