Update Week 25

Week 25; 19-06-2017 – 25-06-2017

Hi guys,
Welcome to a new weekly update of my RuneScape adventures, thanks for reading !
This week i haven’t done anything excited to be really, i’ve been busy with my study and did a lot of AFK fishing. Normally i would use my time AFK for thieving, but with the Menaphos event on i thought this would be much better. I’ve been stashing some bxp in Dung and Slayer obtained by the event.
And this is all i got from a whole week fishing, 800k from my next level up. Going slow here in Menaphos, and still no pet 😦
Fishing 104
Invention 111
Last 2 final rewards from the event, one resting emote (left) and one new teleport animation (right). Looks nice, but it’s useless. lol
My friend asked me to join him on his Vindicta trip. I must say we got lucky 🙂
And i also got my HP up.

HP 107

Sorry for the little update this week. Didn’t had much time to play a lot, and AFK runescaping isn’t exciting at all. Hope to have some more content for you guys next week!
Thanks for reading! Feel free to leave a comment.
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