Update Week 28 – 29

Week 28 – Week 29

Hi guys,
Finally had some more time to play RS. Did a lot of skilling and a few Vindicta trips, i finally got my drop…
So my first few trips at Vindicta were dry. At my last trip of the day, i finally got my first Gwd2 pet!
Really happy with that, I’ve been trying to get Helwyr/Vindicta pets for a while now.
As for my skilling progress, i’ve gained quite a few levels mostly because of skilling at The Arc.
Mining 110
And one Strenght level during my Vindicta trips
As for my skilling goals, i’m trying to do my daily island at The Arc (3 mining spots) With the chimes i’m buying ancient bones for Vampyrism Auras. Mean while i try to clear the Fishing and Woodcutting spots too. Saving these rescources (Wobbegong and Bamboo) for double XP weekends to gain some nice extra XP.
My 120 Thieving goal has slowed down because of this, but i’m not in a rush for it. Whenever i want to do something different then PvM or the Arc i’ll try my luck with Elite Clues.
Thanks for reading! Feel free to leave a comment.
Twitter #DynakinRS

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