Update Week 30

Week 30

Hi guys,
I’ve been playing a lot this week. I have free from work so enough time to play RuneScape πŸ™‚
There is a new event going on, where you have to collect beach sand which you can convert for rewards. I’ve been doing a lot of AFK skilling while collecting sand and earning some free (bonus) exp πŸ™‚ At the end of this post, i have a little surprise for you too!


(Afk Crystal fishing with Juju potions, urns and aura)

FIsh 105




(Had so much time to play this week, had no excuses to not do my daily πŸ™‚ )
And a few other skills i gained (missed Invention 114)
Invention 115
Strenght 105
Woodcutting 101
Besides skilling i also did some God Wars 2 trips to Vindicta and Helwyr. Must say we had some decent drops for all the kills and time we’ve spend there this week.
Wand from Helwyr
Crest of Zaros from Vindicta #1
Crest of Zaros from Vindicta #2
Crest of Zaros from Vindicta #3


As you can see, i do most of my trips duo πŸ™‚
While playing Runescape afk i had plenty of time to do other stuff, i’ve always enjoyed watching PK videos on the Zybez forum, that i couldn’t stop myself from creating a new account on Runescape 07!
So i’ve been checking it out the past days and i really enjoy playing it again. However my focus is on RS3 and i am not sure what my plan is yet on RS 07. My interest, and main reason why i started, is the wilderness. I hope to join a PK clan later on when i’ve build my account a bit. For now it’s just chopping wood and make some gp.
My RSN is Dynakiv, feel free to add me. Always nice to chat with other players.



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