About Me

I’ve started this game like 13-14 years ago. At a time everyone of my friends at the football club was playing it, so i decided to start and check it out. My newb days were just like any other newb, i didn’t understand what to do and how to train. My advantage was my real life friends also playing and be able to show me around.

After exploring the game and leveling some skills, i started mining rune essence. I remember i kept on grinding those to buy myself some rune weapons, i felt like a king when i finally had that scimitar.

I got more and more into the game, understanding it better and meeting quite a bunch of great people to play with. I became member and got myself doing quests to be able to wear dragon weapons. I think i was around 100 combat level when i retired for quite some time.

When i started playing RuneScape again, EoC was released. It was a whole different game, and i was excited to start playing again. I’ve always been more of a skiller then a combat player, and i remember how i got quite a high total level for my combat level. Fishing was my first 99 skill, followed by the 2 most common skills to max at that time; cooking and firemaking.

I’ve quit playing RuneScape for quite a few times, but played on Dynakin for most of the time. My account has all skills 99 now and i still enjoy skilling. I’ve been playing for 1-2 years now and i’m still having a great time, trying to get myself more into PvM. I got some decent gear now to work with and it seems i can manage the God Wars 2 bosses. I hope you enjoy reading my blog and feel free to leave a comment any time.