Update Week 30

Week 30

Hi guys,
I’ve been playing a lot this week. I have free from work so enough time to play RuneScape 🙂
There is a new event going on, where you have to collect beach sand which you can convert for rewards. I’ve been doing a lot of AFK skilling while collecting sand and earning some free (bonus) exp 🙂 At the end of this post, i have a little surprise for you too!


(Afk Crystal fishing with Juju potions, urns and aura)

FIsh 105




(Had so much time to play this week, had no excuses to not do my daily 🙂 )
And a few other skills i gained (missed Invention 114)
Invention 115
Strenght 105
Woodcutting 101
Besides skilling i also did some God Wars 2 trips to Vindicta and Helwyr. Must say we had some decent drops for all the kills and time we’ve spend there this week.
Wand from Helwyr
Crest of Zaros from Vindicta #1
Crest of Zaros from Vindicta #2
Crest of Zaros from Vindicta #3


As you can see, i do most of my trips duo 🙂
While playing Runescape afk i had plenty of time to do other stuff, i’ve always enjoyed watching PK videos on the Zybez forum, that i couldn’t stop myself from creating a new account on Runescape 07!
So i’ve been checking it out the past days and i really enjoy playing it again. However my focus is on RS3 and i am not sure what my plan is yet on RS 07. My interest, and main reason why i started, is the wilderness. I hope to join a PK clan later on when i’ve build my account a bit. For now it’s just chopping wood and make some gp.
My RSN is Dynakiv, feel free to add me. Always nice to chat with other players.



Update Week 28 – 29

Week 28 – Week 29

Hi guys,
Finally had some more time to play RS. Did a lot of skilling and a few Vindicta trips, i finally got my drop…
So my first few trips at Vindicta were dry. At my last trip of the day, i finally got my first Gwd2 pet!
Really happy with that, I’ve been trying to get Helwyr/Vindicta pets for a while now.
As for my skilling progress, i’ve gained quite a few levels mostly because of skilling at The Arc.
Mining 110
And one Strenght level during my Vindicta trips
As for my skilling goals, i’m trying to do my daily island at The Arc (3 mining spots) With the chimes i’m buying ancient bones for Vampyrism Auras. Mean while i try to clear the Fishing and Woodcutting spots too. Saving these rescources (Wobbegong and Bamboo) for double XP weekends to gain some nice extra XP.
My 120 Thieving goal has slowed down because of this, but i’m not in a rush for it. Whenever i want to do something different then PvM or the Arc i’ll try my luck with Elite Clues.
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Update Week 26 – 27

Week 26 – Week 27

Hi guys,
In week 26 and 27 i didn’t do anything exciting to be honest. Just a lot of AFK playing, working on my thieving levels.
Total XP 600m & Total Lvl 2700, lets get that 2800 virtual 🙂
Finally finished the camouflage outfit, thieving just got better!
Look amazing to my taste 🙂
One and only PvM trip i’ve been doing in Week 26, got a Lance split 🙂
Thieving XP at the end of week 26.
Nothing really important to post for week 27 besides these 2 nice levels 🙂
Dung 120 is gonna take a while to get… Slowly getting there.
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Update Week 25

Week 25; 19-06-2017 – 25-06-2017

Hi guys,
Welcome to a new weekly update of my RuneScape adventures, thanks for reading !
This week i haven’t done anything excited to be really, i’ve been busy with my study and did a lot of AFK fishing. Normally i would use my time AFK for thieving, but with the Menaphos event on i thought this would be much better. I’ve been stashing some bxp in Dung and Slayer obtained by the event.
And this is all i got from a whole week fishing, 800k from my next level up. Going slow here in Menaphos, and still no pet 😦
Fishing 104
Invention 111
Last 2 final rewards from the event, one resting emote (left) and one new teleport animation (right). Looks nice, but it’s useless. lol
My friend asked me to join him on his Vindicta trip. I must say we got lucky 🙂
And i also got my HP up.

HP 107

Sorry for the little update this week. Didn’t had much time to play a lot, and AFK runescaping isn’t exciting at all. Hope to have some more content for you guys next week!
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Update Week 24

Week 24; 12-06-2017 – 18-06-2017

Hi guys,
Welcome to a new weekly update of my RuneScape adventures, thanks for reading !
This week been all about PvM, still trying to make some gold and get my gear setup done.
I’ve also been trying the new Slayer Codex, i am really excited about the idea of having a personal dungeon with beasts to slay. It’s going to take a while collecting all the monsters.
slayer codex
Siphon from my level 12 scythe;
Invention 110
At the end of the day i did a full raid, got my first Codex drop! It was around 12m.
I didn’t play much during the week, did a few Helwyr and Vindicta trips.
Got no luck until i got 1000 KC, few kills after that i finally got some loot.
Meanwhile AFK thieving…
Going slow this week, didn’t train much.
Weekend started, and a lot of PvM came with it!
After a few trips Vindicta
20m att
Stacking up that gold. Getting close to my next set of gear.
def 103
Defence 103 while PvMing
And another nice drop on the same day 🙂
lance 2
Did a full raid again, still need a yak to survive but i feel like it’s going way better every raid.
I’ve been working on my Codex on Sunday, did a few slayer tasks too to get some points. Need those to collect the souls for my Codex.
slayer 102
Slayer 102
Next week i am going to slayer much more, work my way to thieving 120 and check out the new Menaphos event that’s going to happen. Always in for some free stuff. Lol
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Update Week 23

Week 23; 05-06-2017 – 11-06-2017

This week was the new city of Menaphos released. I’ve been exploring this content for a little bit and did some afk fishing. You need to earn reputation to earn unlocks for every region.
This is the fish i caught before i got bored from fishing. I might start checking out the new slayer content this weekend and post some pics of that. For now i will return to thieving and try to get some fragments for the new skill equipment that’s been released with Menaphos.
My thieving tab at the moment:
Thieving Tab 06-06-2017
(i sold some rescources once)
I’ve been busy working on my achievement log and setting all things up. Mean while, i’ve been thieving and pvming. Got a crest of zaros drop while killing Vindicta with my brother. Think i got +14m from that trip in total. (Forgot to SS the loot, lol)
On wednesday, i haven’t been playing much. Did a full raid tho, no special loot.
I’m still thieving, probably gonna stick with it untill i have the outfit.
6.5k/54k Fragments for the camouflage outfit.

Thieving log 08-06-2017




Helwyr Reaper Task









Drop from 1 hour duo Vindicta, bought myself a Noxious staff after that. Finally have my Noxious set, t90 magic equipment is up next.



Attack 103






I was hoping to do alot of PvM this weekend, but the weather was so nice and i’ve spent the most of my weekend outside, so no RuneScape. Did a few Vindicta trips but no luck.
HP 107
Hope to have some more PvM action next week 🙂


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